About Us

 Since founded in 2012, Antavaya Convex has been produced some diverse portfolio in several sector and industries to connecting the business community and to serve the growing Indonesian market through continuously developing trade show, conference and certification course.

Trade Show and Conference

Antavaya Convex is focus on developing trade show and conference that will establish relationship between qualified buyers and sellers, facilitates them to do business networking in an efficient and effective ways. In Antavaya produced trade shows and conferences, seller they will find many ways to enhance their branding, customer awareness and generate more sales leads and buyers will find tremendous qualified seller under one roof presenting their latest product and services.

Certification Courses  

Some professions don't require an undergraduate degree, but instead may expect individuals to have some a certification exam in order to obtain entry-level employment or special task in their field.

Since 2012 Antavaya Convex is continuously provide certification in Oil&Gas Industries and Infrastructure to enhancing the quality of Indonesia’s human resources.

Partnering With Antavaya Convex 

With our unique insight and out of the box thinking partnering with Antavaya Convex will help associations and business sectors to strategically enhancing and boost their sector demands by creating customized trade show and conferences that generates positive awareness. Partnering with Antavaya Convex is open the gateway to collaborate with CT Corp services, which divide in 9 major business such as, banking, insurance, capital market, financing, media, retail, lifestyle, entertainment and global resources.